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PD Dr. Weitze Marc-Denis

PD Dr.
Marc-Denis Weitze

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Impuls acatech

Technological Sciences. Discovery - Design - Responsibility

14. August 2014


What are the technological sciences? What are their characteristics and what sets them apart from other scientific disciplines? How did the technological sciences become established and what role do technology and the technological sciences play in our society?

Despite their importance to our society, the technological sciences have hitherto been largely neglected by traditional scientific research. Moreover, the people working in the technological sciences have themselves given little thought to the principles and fundamental questions of their discipline. acatech provides advice on strategic science and engineering issues to policymakers and the public. In order to do this effectively, we also need to examine our own discipline. With this acatech IMPULS Paper the National Academy of Science and Engineering wants to encourage discussion of the technological sciences as a knowledge system both within and outside of acatech.

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