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Cyber-Physical Systems. Driving force for innovation in mobility, health, energy and production

27. Dezember 2011


Today, about 98 percent of microprocessors are already embedded in everyday objects and devices, connected with the outside world through sensors and actuators. They are increasingly networked with one another and on the internet. The physical world and the virtual world – or cyberspace
– are merging; cyber-physical systems are developing. Future cyber-physical systems will contribute to security, efficiency, comfort and health systems as never before, and as a result, they will contribute to solving key challenges of our society, such as the aging population, limited resources, mobility, or energy transition. Germany is in a position to become a leader in international competition thanks to innovative cyberphysical systems. In this statement, acatech explains what prerequisites must be created and how Germany can overcome the technical, political and social hurdles on the way to achieving this position.


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