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Phasing Out Nuclear Power Safely. Why Germany needs nuclear expertise for decommissioning, reactor safety, ultimate disposal and radiation protection

14. September 2011


In early summer this year, the German Government decided that the country’s final nuclear reactor is scheduled to go offline in 2022. This decision does not mean Germany’s nuclear technology will disappear overnight. It must therefore be ensured that the country’s nuclear power stations are operated in line with the highest safety standards until the phase-out is complete, provisionally in 2022. Given the intention of phasing out nuclear power, acatech considers it appropriate to focus energy research even more closely on the alternatives and on energy efficiency issues. Otherwise, the new energy strategy will fail. At the same time, however, acatech believes it is essential to reprioritise rather than stop nuclear research and to ensure it focuses on the challenges associated with phasing out nuclear power. The aim must be to oversee the phase-out and its consequences in all their complexity as safely and responsibly as possible. After all, the technical requirements are too great and the social implications too far-reaching to simply pull the proverbial plug.


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