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Englischsprachig, Sicherheit, Diskussionen acatech

European Perspectives on Security Research

17. Januar 2011


Europe’s networked societies of today are shaped by a
growing interconnection in almost all areas of life. The
complexity of our infrastructures and the concurrent accessibility
to means of destruction by terrorist groups and
individual perpetrators call for innovative security solutions.
However, such evolving innovations inevitably raise
fundamental questions of concern in our societies. How
do we balance the imperatives of securing our citizens and
infrastructures on the one hand, and of protecting of our
sacredly held civil liberties on the other?

The topical network ‘Safety and Security’ of acatech – the
German Academy of Science and Engineering – invited
experts from the science academies of various European
countries to share their perspectives on security research
and the aspect of safety during a two-day workshop hosted
by the Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics,
Ernst-Mach-Institut in March 2010. The result is an overview
of various security research programmes in Europe
with the aim of revealing both common ground and major
differences in security/risk perceptions, cultures and political
practices within Europe. This publication is a compilation
of contributions made during the workshop.


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