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Euro-CASE – The European Council of Applied Sciences and Engineering is an independent non-profit organisation of national academies of Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology from 21 European countries.


Press Information

Please find the press information to the Euro-CASE Annual Conference 2010 here.

Value Creation through Innovation – European Best Practice Case Studies


Sustainable growth through innovation has become even more relevant with the emergence of the crisis in Europe. Against the backdrop of economic globalisation, the question of innovation and value creation has become a topic of international interest, presenting new challenges for politics, industry and science. Therefore, acatech, as the responsible academy, is organising the Euro-CASE Annual Conference 2010.




“Together we want to ensure that the impact of technological change on society is given proper attention, with environmental and sustainability aspects receiving full consideration. The Euro-CASE Annual Conference is an important event for fostering international cooperation in European science and engineering.”

Lena Treschow Torell, Chairman of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, and Chairman of Euro-CASE


“In my opinion, the time is now right to reflect on a number of questions. Today, Europe is at the crossroads of its future: did we choose the right tools in the crisis? Have our recovery programmes had the intended effects? How can we secure lasting and sustainable growth? How do we produce long-term value creation? acatech’s answer has been and will be: through innovation.”


Reinhard Hüttl, President acatech


Conference programme and download presentations

Conference programme and download presentations

Welcome Presentations

  • Welcome by the Chairman of Euro-CASE, Lena Treschow Torell, Euro-CASE
  • Welcome by the President of acatech, Reinhard Hüttl, acatech
  • Instruments of the EU to foster Innovation, Martin Schuurmans, EITDownload

Best Practice Case Studies

  • High Tech Spinoff & Innovation, Anne Fliermann, University of Twente
  • ICT Services & Innovation, Miguel Angel Lagunas, Real Academia de Ingeniería
  • Automation & Innovation, Hendrik van Brussel, Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences
  • Building & Innovation, Bertrand Collomb, EIT , delegated by the National Academy of Technologies of France
  • Innovation and Strategy of a Company. From Physical Review to the Market, Anton Menth, Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences

Keynote Papers

  • The German perspective on Innovation Politics, Engelbert Beyer, BMBF
  • The European perspective on Innovation Politics, Rudolf Strohmeier, EU
  • Innovation and Value Creation, Björn Nilsson, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

Policy Sesion

  • Thesis 1: The logic of universities prevents rather than helps students to becoming innovative entrepreneurs. Walther Zimmerli, Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences
  • Thesis 2: The claim that there is no risk capital comes mainly from risk-averse entrepreneurs. Bernd Pischetsrieder, acatech
  • Thesis 3: Government acts as an impediment to the exploitation of Intellectual Property. William Wakeham, Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Thesis 4: Even basic research should provide answers to industrial needs. Laszlo Monostori, Hungarian Academy of Engineering

Closing Address and Outlook, Lena Treschow Torell


Further information

Download conferene programme

Download publication of the Irish Academy of Engineering

Policy Session

The open space conference enabled a discussion between the international experts and the audience: in a “Policy Session”, the audience was given the chance to share its views with experts and, together, find possible policy recommendations with the aid of a voting tool.


Impressions of the conference