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Head of Brussels Office
Senior Advisor to Reinhard F. Hüttl, President Euro-CASE


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High-level Conference with Anne Glover, DG Representatives and the Joint Research Centre

Following the invitation by Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission, and the Joint Research Center (JRC), the presidents and experts of the European academies of science and engineering met with European Commission representatives from 16 Directorates-General.


The main topic of a high-level conference with Anne Glover and the European Commission authorities was “Independent science- and technology-based policy advice from Euro-CASE: How can technology increase Europe's competitiveness and innovative power?”

The main objectives of this workshop were:
- To allow different participating parties to present their most challenging topics and operating principles, in order to generate a better mutual understanding.

- To illustrate how the European Commission could benefit from Euro-CASE’s independent, transversal expertise, represented by more than 6000 Fellows, coming from academia and business, in the debate on key issues, relevant to the future of European citizens.

- To discuss, with all participants, future fields of cooperation as well as possible financing mechanisms.

Anne Glover, the JRC and representatives of various DGs agreed to strengthen cooperation between the European Commission and Euro-CASE related to independent science- and technology-based policy advice. In a structured dialogue between science, business and policy, issues of cooperation should be prioritized and specific consulting projects be initiated.