Topical network leadership

WG Education

Prof. Dr. Reiss Kristina

Prof. Dr.
Kristina Reiss

TU München

WG Technology Communication

Prof. em. Dr. Weingart Peter

Prof. em. Dr.
Peter Weingart

Universität Bielefeld

WG Basic Questions of Technological Sciences

Prof. Dr. König Wolfgang

Prof. Dr.
Wolfgang König

Technische Universität Berlin

WG Economy and Innovation Research

Prof. Dr. Schmidt Christoph M.

Prof. Dr.
Christoph M. Schmidt

RWI – Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung


Dr. Lange Thomas

Thomas Lange

Leiter Themenschwerpunkt Bildung (kommissarisch)
acatech Geschäftsstelle

T: +49 (0)89/52 03 09-27


Topic Network Society and Technology


The topic network discusses the relation of society and technology and looks at current trends and developments.

  • What is the role of technological sciences in our society?
  • How do innovations originate?
  • How should the public at large be informed about scientific findings?
  • How can we create interest for technical and scientific innovations?
  • How can we strenghten MINT education? (mathematics, informatics, natural sciences, technology)
  • How can we ensure an adequate number of qualified MINT specialists in the future?

    Project groups in this topic network are working on a broad range of topics and regularly publish results and recommendations. 




    Types of working groups

    There are four different working groups. 


    Working Group Education

    Working Group Education

    This working group is comprised of experts from social and natural sciences, as well as from the humanities. Their aim is to foster interest in technical and natural phenomena to strengthen education in this field and to promote young talents.

    Working Group Technology Communication

    Working Group Technology Communication


    Members of this working group are discussing how to best transfer technical and scientific knowledge to the public. They analyse different forms of communication and are committed to further developing innovative ways of dialogue and debate.

    Working Group Basic Questions in Technological Sciences

    Working Group Basic Questions in Technological Sciences


    This group deals with the theoretical and practical basics of technological sciences. The group is comprised of experts from various fields such as philosophy of technology and science, natural science, the history of technology and economy. 

    Working Group Economy and Innovation Research

    Working Group Economy and Innovation Research

    This working group uses a systemic approach to privde policy advice for innovation and growth.