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Driving German Innovation. The role of incubator organisations in the promotion of high-tech academic spin-offs

15. Mai 2012


Besides major companies carrying out research in Germany, high-tech spin-offs from the research community play a key role in transforming ideas into innovations.
However, German levels of innovation currently lag behind those of other countries such as Switzerland or Sweden. There is no lack of original ideas, yet the rich economic potential that lies dormant in German research institutes too rarely gets transformed into new products.This lack of technology transfer can also be seen from the number of business start-ups in Germany: according to data from 2009 collected by the German Institute of Economic Research (DIW), Germany only ranks 12th out of 17 countries worldwide with Korea having the highest number of start-ups.
The federal government wants to promote innovation and improve the success rate of German start-ups as part of its “High-Tech Strategy 2020” and the more recent “Technologie Offensive”. One tool used increasingly over the last few years to improve a young company’s prospects is the “incubator”.The incubators in Germany supply different services to spinoffs in order to identify any weaknesses in the young companies and support them with their market launch.


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