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acatech TAKES A POSITION: Materials science and engineering in Germany

7. Mai 2010

Materials are the basis of the production industry. Traditionally, Germany has been very strongly positioned in this sector. Despite the great economic significance of classic materials (metals, glass/ceramics and plastics) and new materials (composite materials), public awareness of materials is very low. Consequently, associated degree programmes are pursued by only a small number of students.


Research is largely bound to the classic disciplines. As a result, gaps open in the material-to-product chain, which in turn lead to a delayed interdisciplinary transfer and ultimately to a delay in the application of materials in innovation. To advance its overall goals, such as the promotion of young scientists and engineers and the application of research results to technology, acatech, which is the German Academy of Science and Engineering, works to strengthen materials science and engineering in Germany with the aim of ultimately increasing value added in Germany.


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