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New autoMobility – The Future World of Automated Road Traffic

10. Dezember 2015


Owing to developments in the field of assistance systems and automated driving, vehicles are taking over more and more elements of the driving tasks hitherto incumbent on the driver. Thus, automation and connectivity are under way of revolutionising the road transport system. In the present POSITION paper, the project group New autoMobility, a joint initiative by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and acatech, develops a target scenario of a world of automated road traffic in a future beyond 2030. It provides a set of usage scenarios addressing the challenges of our present mobility system. On the basis of these scenarios, the project group worked out specific policy recommendations for implementation in politics and society. They describe what steps must be taken to set the course towards automated road traffic and how best to take advantage of its ecological, economic and social benefits to promote public welfare.